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Children’s Book Creators for Climate Action

Throughout history, the Arts have been at the forefront, along with others, who seek positive change … and so it is in these times of climate change. And now we have an added global challenge – the fight against the Corunavirus, Covid-19.

Scientists will eventually find a vaccine to destroy this virus. The world will return to normal again … and we will take up the banners, pens and voices for climate action again.

The Children’s Book Creators for Climate Action is made up of the creators and supporters of books for children and young adults … authors, poets, illustrators, designers, editors, publishers, librarians and more.

Deep concern for the world’s children facing a future on a heating planet is the catalyst for our protest and our will to change, not just in our own lives, but also to force change in our nation.

Climate change-denying politicians in a handful of nations, including Australia and the US are under the tight grip of their puppet-masters in the fossil fuel industries. They will continue to ignore global climate action demands unless the majority of ordinary people join together with one voice.

People Power can be a potent force for that change, especially in leading our politicians to make the right decisions for the planet and all its children. We too can be part of this powerful force.

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There is no PLANet B

Thank you to this site’s generous contributors, including:
Tania McCartney, illustrator and author, for the banner image –  Everygirl represents all of Earth’s children.
Kelly-ann Oosterbeek, photographer, for her image of the bushfires on the outskirts of the small town of  Harrington in NSW.

Add your names to the Roll-call of young people’s authors, illustrators, poets, actors, musicians, librarians, agents, editors, publishers PLUS adult book authors, and other creators.

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