#7 Step-by-step with our children

Meet Katrin Dreiling, a Queensland illustrator, our blogger for a new family-friendly page, katrin's klimate kids korner ... coming soon!!! My name is Katrin and I am a kid-lit creator, born and bred in Germany, and relocated to Australia with my family about 16 years ago. In my work as a children's books illustrator, I … Continue reading #7 Step-by-step with our children


#6 How to be efficient climate action ‘squeaky wheels’

Image: Squeaky wheel from Clipart.email  The other day, I googled the lists of petitions that've already been sent to the House of Representatives regarding CLIMATE ACTION. There are dozens. And even with millions of ordinary Australians petitioning respectfully to our nation's leaders, still our governments, Federal and State, do nothing meaningful to stop temperature rising, … Continue reading #6 How to be efficient climate action ‘squeaky wheels’