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The other day, I googled the lists of petitions that’ve already been sent to the House of Representatives regarding CLIMATE ACTION. There are dozens.

And even with millions of ordinary Australians petitioning respectfully to our nation’s leaders, still our governments, Federal and State, do nothing meaningful to stop temperature rising, to lower emissions we Australians produce (more per capita than most other countries).

It needs many more voices … from ordinary people like us and every other reasonable human you know, people who care about their children and the planet’s future. It needs pressure from economists (already happening); equitable jobs for ex-miners in a post-coal world; support for renewable energy companies; emission-lowering strategies and continued research from scientists (already happening), and from children too.

Scientists calculate humans have a small window of time left before temperatures lift above 1.5 degrees. Beyond that is unsustainable for humans to live normally.

It’s 2 years until the next Australian election. 

We can start doing our bit now. Recalcitrant governments everywhere must be dragged, kicking and screaming if necessary, towards serious measures to lower CO2 emissions. 

In Australia … check out the other links on this site, and other sites. Ideas from grass-root organisations abound. TARGET YOUR LOCAL FEDERAL POLITICIAN…

  • Who is your local Federal MP? Not sure of your electorate? Click here. Doesn’t matter what side of politics they align to, they’re all fair game. Write to politicians, ring them, leave messages.
  • If you’re confident, go talk to them at their electoral office. Be friendly, and determined. Take a friend, or even better, a level-headed child who already knows more about Climate Change than many adults (imagine a million young people like Greta Thunberg. They’re already there. Maybe your youngling is one too?)
  • Here are the contacts details for every Federal politician in the nation. Find your electorate and the MP’s address.


How you can be active in your own life

  • Talk to your friends and relatives about the issue. Your concern will shine through. Don’t argue with climate change deniers online … wasted cause.
  • Arguing with friends and family won’t work if they only watch and listen to the right-wing media channels or shock jocks. But they all care about their children and grandchildren. That’s the key.
  • Point them in the direction of easy to understand myth-busting sites. There are a couple on this blog site. A future-hotter planet, and our country’s bushfire risk might leave a smidgen of doubt in their minds. You can only try.
  • Give your children hope … they have to believe that we adults, the ones who appear to be in charge of things, will begin to lower dangerous carbon emissions, will keep temperature rises under 1.5 degs, will care for the oceans, and preserve and nurture all what we have left of nature and animals and the green spaces.
  • Soon we’ll have a kid-friendly space on this site with simple daily routines they can do now. katrin’s klimate kids’ korner will be up and running soon.


Guest Blogger: Sheryl Gwyther, author.
Sheryl was active in two past literary industry campaigns to stop the LNP Government at the time from lifting the Restrictions on Parallel Importation of Books.
In 2009, Sheryl, with other KidLit creators, set up an action blog site, SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS.
In Brisbane’s Central City, children’s authors and their book-loving supporters protested outside Dymocks (who supported lifting the restrictions).
An online petition on the SAB site gathered thousands of signatures.
Sheryl took the printed out Petitions to Parliament House, Canberra.
In a press conference, alongside author, Kate Grenville, leaders of the Australian Publishers Association, and several supportive Labor and Greens politicians, she presented the petitions to MPs.
The Australian Society of Authors also were involved in the fightback campaigns, as were many other authors across Australia, publishers and editors, plus the printing industry and their union.
The book industry won that battle, and the next one a few years ago. A significant aspect to winning was the SUPPORT of the general reading public and especially those who care about the books children read … where spelling was AmericaniZed and so on … imagine Mom instead of Mum.
Note: we have not won the war. This issue will rise again. The industry remains vigilant.


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