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Our climate is changing, with devastating consequences now and in the immediate future.

  • In the latest round of testimony to the bushfires Royal Commission, ex-emergency service chiefs have argued a coordinated, military-style response is needed to fight the climate change war”.
  • Six months on from Black Summer, 119 species still need immediate intervention to save their fire-ravaged habitats.
  • And authorities have warned south-east NSW faces an above-average fire threat for the next three months. It’s a sobering thought, but Queensland’s official fire season begins in less than a month.
  • Scientists are shocked to discover the Thwaites Glacier is collapsing much faster than first thought.
  • And finally, fires in the Arctic Circle have emitted historic levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, with months still left in the fire season.

Thank you to the hard-working, on-the-ball Climate Action warriors over on the CLIMATE FOR CHANGE website. Especially, Julian.

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More global information coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “#26 Latest news from ‘Climate for Change’

  1. Thanks Sheryl for your dedication to this cause, rallying us to live green and stand up for the Planet.
    Karen ♻️🌊🌿


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