Cumulonimbus clouds over Brisbane in early summer Image: SC Gwyther

What are clouds? Are clouds heavy or light? Why are they different shapes? What are their names? Why are clouds important to humans? Can I sit on a cloud? Why are some clouds coloured?

Hey, kids! These questions could send many adults scrambling for google or a book.

Some people love clouds so much they’ll stay out for hours following them across the land, measuring and photographing them? Lots more take photos of sunrise and sunset clouds because they’re often beautiful. And what about the amazing Cumulonimbus… they sometimes look like huge monsters rolling in?

Become a CLOUD CHASER … it’s so simple! Adults will love this one too. You can even do it from your backyard or window. Check out the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the BOM site.


  • Grab a notebook and a camera.
  • Photograph or sketch the clouds.
  • Research the different types online.
  • Identify the name of the cloud formation you see.
  • Keep your records in a document and remember to date them!
  • Look for recognisable shapes in the passing clouds! Is that an elephant or a giant rabbit?

Yes, clouds are truly fascinating.

Slideshow: Can you identify these cloud types?

Images: Cloud Chaser, SC Gwyther

Free School
We see clouds all the time, but have you ever really thought about them? What makes clouds? Why don’t they fall down? How are different types of clouds classified, and what weather do they signal? Learn all that and more in this educational and kid-friendly video!

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