If you’re part of the KidLit industry, or supporter of children’s and YA literature (in any form) and would like to be added to the KidLit Climate Action Supporters, contact Sheryl Gwyther at cbc.climateaction@gmail.com 

Climate Action supporters

Kim Rackham Smyth – author, early childhood teacher
Sheryl Gwyther – author, artist, ex-early childhood teacher
Katrin Dreiling – illustrator, author
Tania McCartney – author, illustrator, graphic designer
Dee White – author
Amanda Francey – illustrator
Jacquie Harvey – author, presenter
Steven Herrick – author
Leonie Tyle – editor, mentor, ex-publisher at UQP and Random House
Ben Marshall – author, ex-science journalist
Cate Whittle – author
Ann Harth – author
Holly Bidwell – children’s storyteller
Katrina McKelvey – author
Pat Simmons – author
Melissa Salisbury – children’s storyteller
Losang Zopa – teacher-librarian, book reviewer
Michelle Worthington – author, Managing Dtr – Share Your Story
Elaine Ousten – author
Ron Day – teacher, editor
Ian Trevaskis – author
Vanessa Rendall – Managing Dtr – Educate. Esteem. Empower.
Sally Murphy – author, poet
Dianne Wolfer – author
Lian Tanner – author
Susanne Gervay OAM – author, Regional Advisor SCBWI Australia E/New Zealand
Wendy Shurety – author
Mandy Langlois – author, illustrator
Karen Tyrrellauthor, performer & teacher
Laura Hockley
 – author, illustrator
Robin Winter – artist, early-childhood teacher
Angela Sunde – author, illustrator 
Nette Hilton – author
Verity Croker  author
Kate Gordon – author
Bren MacDibble – author
Julie Anne Thorndyke – author
Michael Gerard Bauer – author
Monty Pryor – author, storyteller, Aust Children’s Laureate 2012/13
Caroline Magerl – author, illustrator
Coralie Ross – ex-teacher librarian, supporter|
Fiona Trembath Grimes – author, radio broadcaster
Jessica Nelson – storyteller
Margaret Warner – author
Peter Taylor – author, illustrator/calligrapher, ex-biologist
Shannon Jade – author
Katrina Germein – author
Kristin Martin – poet, author
Chris Holland Jackson – avid KidLit reader, aspiring author
Karen Foxlee – author
Anna Fienberg – author
Renee Hills – author
JE Miller – author
Michelle Morgan – author
Julie Buzzacott Long – author
Julie Murphy – author
Inda Armad Zabri – author, illustrator, doctor
Kathy Creamer –  illustrator, writer, publisher
Genevieve Hopkins – author, illustrator
The Little Bookroom – independent KidLit bookshop, Melbourne
The Children’s Bookshop – independent KidLit bookshop, Sydney
Brenda McKenna – author
Lisa Walker – author
Meredith Costain – author
Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder – author, illustrator, book reviewer, editor
Carol Ann Martin – author, storyteller
Kym Langfield – illustrator, primary school teacher
Maria Parenti-Baldey, author, teacher
Ree Kimberley, author
Margaret Hamilton AM – author / Pinerolo, the Children’s Book Cottage
Becky Lucas – Becky’s Literary Bookings, Independent bookshop owner, South Australia
Libby Gleeson – author, Chair: WestWords
Amy Calautti – illustrator
Brook Tayla – CBCA judge/writer/editor/librarian
Heather Gallagher – author, journalist, speaker, book reviewer
Kirsten Ealand – author
Kristy Bushnell – editor, presenter
Kat Fox – illustrator, author
Penelope Pratley – illustrator
Belinda Booth – teacher-librarian
Cass Moriarty – author, presenter, book reviewer
Coral Vass – author, editor, presenter
Sue Wallace – teacher-librarian, book reviewer
Megan Daley – teacher-librarian, book reviewer, blogger at Children’s Books Daily
Kate O’Neil – poet, writer
Georgie Donaghey – author, blogger at Creative Tales Network
Irene Buckler – author
Coralie Ross – ex-teacher librarian, supporter of children’s books
Jo Sandhu – author
Anna McGregor – author, illustrator, designer
Karen Brooks – author, social commentator and academic
Christopher Nielsen– illustrator, artist
Michelle Wanasundera – author, book reviewer
Aura Parker – 
author, illustrator
Gail Erskine – teacher-librarian, passionate advocate for children’s books
Candice Lemon-Scott – author
Gayle Torrens – author
Robert E Young – author
Artelle Lenthall – author, primary school teacher
Paul Macdonald – author, owner at The Children’s Bookshop, Sydney
Nadia Sunde – musician, performer, author
Janeen Brian – author, presenter
Pamela Freeman – author, presenter
Shannon Horsfall – author, illustrator
Andrew King – author, engineer, presenter
Elizabeth Mary Cummings – author, poet
Ramona Davey – illustrator, author
Christina Booth – author, illustrator
Norah Colvin – book reviewer, early childhood teacher, writer
Anita Weller – aspiring author, technical writer
Asha Rajan – author
Robert Vescio – author
Jodie Wells-Slowgrove – author, teacher-librarian
Tejaswinee Barua – author
Lauren Elise Daniels – author, presenter, professional editor, mentor
Megan Higginson – author, illustrator
Lina-Marie Catto – author, illustrator
Janeen Brian – author
Jenny Stubbs – teacher-librarian, Children’s Literature Advocate
Nicky Johnston – author, illustrator, speaker, educator
Jan Nicholls – lifelong supporter of children’s books, a champion for their creators
Norman Jorgensen – author
Jodie Davidson – 
Illustrator, Project Man. – Sustainability and Environment
LOST IN BOOKS – an independent children’s multilingual bookshop
Liz Anelli – illustrator, artist
Kylie Howarth – author, illustrator
Rabble Books & Games – independent bookshop, Maylands, Western Australia
Sue Mirow – teacher-librarian
Lucia Masciullo – illustrator
Yvonne Mes – author and illustrator
Jan Latta – author, wildlife photographer, True to Life 
endangered animals books
Ellie Royce – author
Cecilia Adams – graphic designer/illustrator
Anne Benjamin – author, educator
Jo Vabolis – editor, book reviewer, author
Sophie Masson – fantasy and children’s author
Sherryl Clark – author, teacher
Kelly Gardiner – author
Tracey Hawkins – author
Deborah Abela – author
Jen Charlton – artist, illustrator, children’s book reviewer/ children’s wear designer
Kel Butler – writer, podcaster at Writes4Women and Writes4Festivals
Samantha Wheeler – author
Rachel Nobel – author
Josie Montano – author
Coralie Ross – ex-Teacher Librarian, long-time support of KidLit
Karen Collum – author
Paula Stevenson – author
Gabrielle Wang – author, illustrator
Cherri Ryan – author
Heidi Cooper Smith – author, illustrator
Anne Morgan – author
Candice Lemon-Scott – author
Inda Ahmad Zabri – author
Alex Adsett – literary agent
Jodie Carlson – Teacher Librarian
Anil Tortop – illustrator
Meredith Costain – author
Robert Henderson – illustrator, author
Irma Gold – author, editor
Kesta Fleming – author
Ann James – illustrator, author, Books Illustrated
Dr Jordan Bell – children’s STEM author and psychologist
Jennifer Anne Cullen – teacher, artist, author, illustrator