We believe the key to forcing (yes, we’ve got to that stage now) our Australian politicians towards proper appropriate ways of curbing climate change is action from the people of Australia. Masses of people. People Power

Learn more about what Climate Change means:
Clearer knowledge gives you more confidence speaking about it to others who fence-sit on the issue, or who deny it’s happening. You can access some of the pages on this blog to find out more.

Talk to your friends, relatives, share articles about climate action. Many people think it’s too late, that there’s no use trying to fight it. But scientists disagree. We do have a small window of time left … that’s why ordinary people must fight back. Now. For the future.


Writing to or visiting your local Member of Parliament is one of the best up front way of getting through to politicians. They do take notice when lots of their electorate contact them with an issue … for obvious reasons. And as they say, squeaky wheels gets the oil!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re including helpful suggestions, letter templates and links from other CLIMATE ACTION organisations. See below.

AUSTRALIAN PARENTS FOR CLIMATE ACTION How to lobby Local and Federal MPs Adapt the wording to suit us.
The AP4CA is an excellent grassroots, community organisation who set up several years ago … they’re still working hard to spread information and gaining support. Highly recommended info site.

FARMERS FOR CLIMATE ACTIONCommunication Toolkit – The FCA is a movement of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians working to ensure farmers are a key part of the solution to climate change. They grew out of a meeting of frustrated farmers in the Blue Mountains in 2015. Highly recommended info site.

Check out Sub-pages for more useful groups involved in Climate Action.