Hi, Super Green Challenge kids, it’s Hope the koala again!
How are you all going?

Just as me, I know that most of you are staying home and feel perhaps a bit bored? Luckily I have some craft ideas for you to pass the time, and best of all – they are craft ideas with recycled materials! When we recycle materials and use them for art we always help our planet by reducing landfill and cutting emissions that otherwise would have been created in the waste process.

So let’s see what we can do this month….

(psssst…it might be a good idea to check with Mum before you cut up the Tshirts)

You can use your creations as wall decoration, mini rugs or use for table deco and put hot pots on them at dinner time (LOVE THIS IDEA!!) – the possibilities are endless and it’s a cool way to keep busy while using your favourite old clothes!

I’ll be back with more ideas soon, but in the meantime please keep all your green habits (your reward charts are on the right hand column). Don’t forget to write me or send me a pic of your craft creations!!

See you soon,
love from
Hope and her human friend, Katrin!  

Hope the Koala image with border  Katrin photo2