Hello everyone!
Here we are in April! So many things are different in our world now. How are you all?

I’ve been staying on top of my eucalyptus tree and did plenty of crafting to pass the time while we all have to stay at home. You can join me creating some beautiful things made out of recycled materials, too.

Today I wanted to show you how we can reuse empty jars of pickles or coffee, and make a lovely storage bottle. Are you ready? Then get the materials and off we go!

Suggestion: you could make this as a Pencil Holder for your teacher (when you go back to school, or for Mum or Dad.

You will need an empty and clean jar. Use any size you like! You will also need glue, a brush and acrylic paint. It is important to use acrylics because other sort of paints will not stick to the glass jar.

You will also need washi tape. Masking tape will work, too.


You can also create patterns without the washi tape. Here I went mint green dotty!

Once your paint has completely dried, you can peel off the washi (or masking tape) carefully.

And this is it already! Have fun creating your colourful jars and if you like send me pics of your creations!

See you next time!!

Love, from Hope Koala and Katrin D. xxx