To answer this question is like opening Pandora’s Box, but unlike Pandora we humans must not trap HOPE in the box. Anyone can learn more about climate change and what we can do to prevent the world warming further.  

This page contains links to selected articles, graphs, easily accessed scientific data and writing from reputable sources … as opposed to the unreliable, incorrect data etc bandied about by climate change deniers.

BE INFORMED … having easy to understand sources and data is essential so we can spread the word about climate action to friends, relatives, acquaintances. It’s also essential for when you write your protest letter or talk to your local politician or to Federal ministers.

The sub-pages holds links to more information … from newbie stuff to scientific papers.
 (Sheryl Gwyther, author and science-nerd.) Thank goodness for scientists! I’m married to one and have helped produced another, our son, David.

  1. Best all round, easy to understand DEBUNKING THE DENIERS’ MYTHS about Climate Change.  Global Warming & Climate Change Myths
  2. AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCEStatement regarding Australian bushfires – Professor John Shine AC PresAA, President, Australian Academy of Science.
  3. CLIMATE CHANGE IN AUSTRALIA … from the CSIRO and the Australian government’s Department of Environment and Bureau of Meteorology … produced in 2015.
    Note: In July 2016, the Liberal/National Party government sucked the Department of Environment into the Energy Department. (Yeah, I know, chalk and cheese.) So now it’s The Department of Environment and Energy. I’ll leave the reasoning why up to you.
  4. CLIMATE PROJECTIONS … from the CSIRO. Modelling is an important scientific skill that shows the possibilities or expected future events.
  5. PROJECT DRAWDOWN...  The world’s leading resource for climate solutions.