101 Small Ways to Change the World … Lonely Planet KidsAubre Andrus
Published: 1st November 2018
ISBN: 9781787014862
Number Of Pages: 112
For Ages: 9 – 12 years old


Check out the Readings bookstore site for many books about the environment, about climate change, and how kids can make a difference. Click HERE.readings books on the environmentOTHER USEFUL LINKS 

Kids teaching Kids – KTK Climate Change and Energy
PLAN INTERNATIONAL – We Stand as One … children, young people and climate change


Books about Climate Change

Junior Fiction

  • Mission Climate Change (Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures), C Kunz (2011) Random House Aust.
  • Papa Sky, J Jolly & S Heinrich (ill.) (2017) Midnight Sun
  • How to Bee, Bren MacDibble (2017) Allen & Unwin
  • Barry, C Thompson (2011)     Random House Aust.
  • New City, Deb Abela (2014) Random House, (Grimsdon series)
  • Final Storm, Deb Abela (2019) Penguin Random House, (Grimsdon series)
  • Tiger Takes the Big Apple, DP Reiter (2014) Interactive Publications,
  • A Hundred Coconuts and a Top Hat, N Bohac Flooe (2019) Indooropilly
  • Uncanny Climate Change, Alan Horsfield (2007) Macmillan Education, (Junior Reader, primary)
  • The Great Lizard Trek, Felicity Bradshaw and ill. Norma MacDonald (2018) CSIRO Publishing, (mentions how the lizard is being affected by climate change.)

Young Adult fiction

  • Wraith: James Locke and the Azuriens, S and A Smithers (2018) Magabala Books
  • HIVE: The Vault. ROGUE: The Vault (2018/2019). Pan Macmillan Australia
  • Genesis, L Morgan (2010) Walker Books, 459pp (Rosie Black Chronicles)
  • Equinox, L Morgan (2011) Walker Books, 386pp (Rosie Black Chronicles)
  • Dark Star, L Morgan (2014) Walker Books, 388pp (Rosie Black Chronicles)
  • Here Where We Live, C Flanagan Wilanski (2016) Wakefield Press, (Short story collection)
  • Jilda’s Ark, Verity Croker (2018) Harmony Ink Press (USA)


  • Climate Change, Justin Healey, Ed. (2003) Spinney Press, JNF
  • Climate Change, Angela Crocombe (2008) Echidna Books,
  • Climate Change, Cheryl Jakab (2007) Macmillan Library,
  • Climate Change, Stella Tarakson (2010) Pearson Aust,
  • Climate Change, Peter Turner (2019) Redback Publishing
  • Climate Change, Robin Birch (2009) Macmillan Education
  • Climate Change, Hannah Reed (2008) Eleanor Curtail Publishing
  • Weather or Not…it’s a Climate for Change, Caren Trafford, ill. David Wilsher (2007) Etram Pty Ltd
  • The Antarctic, Stuart Baker (2009) Macmillan Library, (Climate Change series)
  • The Tropics, Stuart Baker (2009) Macmillan Library, (Climate Change series)
  • The Arctic, Stuart Baker (2009) Macmillan Library, (Climate Change series)
  • Current Issues, Astrid Judge (2010) Pearson
  • Global Warming, Glenn Murphy (2008) Five Mile Press
  • The Big Picture Book of Environments, John Long (2008) Allen & Unwin
  • Planetwatch, Martyn Bramwell et al (2009) Dorling Kindersley
  • Global Warming, Cheryl Jakab (2009) Macmillan Education, (What’s the Issue? series)
  • The Dry, Michael and Jane Pelusey (2007) Macmillan Education, (The Seasons series)
  • Winter, M and J Pelusey (2007) Macmillan Education, (The Seasons series) Summer, Autumn, Spring.
  • Great Barrier Reef under Threat, Julie Murphy (2011) Macmillan Education, (What’s the Issue? series
  • World Wide Waste…It’s Not a Load of Rubbish, Caren Trafford, ill David Wilser and Jessica Laurentia (2006) Etram Pty. Ltd.
  • Storm – the Awesome Poser of Weather, Mike Graf (2010) Five Mile Press
  • Koalas – the Real Story, Mark Norman (2010) Black Dog Books
  • Weather, Sally Morgan (1996) Allen & Unwin
  • The Great Barrier Reef – Solar Powered, Mark Norman (2009) Black Dog Books
  • Environment: Saving Our Planet, Jessica Perini (2008) Young Reed
  • Biodiversity of Temperate Forests, Greg Pyers (2011) Macmillan Library
  • Icy Seas, Kimberley Jane Pryor (2007) Macmillan Education
  • Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl who went on Strike to Save the Planet, V Camerini (2019) Piccolo Nero, and imprint of Schwartz Publishing
  • Weird, Wild and Amazing! Explore Your World, Tim Flannery (2019) Hardie Grant Egmont, (each chapter outlines how climate change affects particular animals)


  • The Climate Change Crisis, Justin Healey, Ed. (2014) Spinney Press,
  • Guarding Eden: Champions of Climate Action, D Hart (2015) Allen & Unwin,
  • We Are the Weather Makers: The Story of Global Warming, Tim Flannery (2006) Text,
  • Climate Change: What You Can Do About It, P Holper and S Torak (2008) CSIRO Publishing, (YA and General audience)

Books to inspire protection of animals and the planet

  • A Patch from Scratch, Megan Forward (2016) Penguin (gardening, food miles, etc)
  • Myrtle’s Battle against Climate Change, M Fuentes (2010) Reef and Rainforest Centre (Cairns, QLD)
  • Song Bird series, Karen Tyrrell. Digital Future Press (children problem solving and saving the world without help from adults)
  • Windcatcher: Migration of the Short-tailed Shearwater, Diane Jackson Hill and ill. Craig Smith (2019) CSIRO Publishing. (A page covers plastic ingested by birds)
  • One Child, Chris Cheng (1999) Era Publications. (Inspiration that everyone can make a difference.)
  • The Tomorrow Book, Jackie French and ill. Sue DeGennaro (2010) Angus & Robertson (Harper Collins), (inspiration, empowerment, environmental protection, hope)