Graph: from the NASA Global Climate Change (Vital Signs for the Planet page) 


These are all reputable,  reader-friendly information sites.  The science on climate change is already here. We should’ve started reducing our carbon output years ago when scientists first began to warn the world of the coming world temperature rise caused by increasing global emissions of CO2.

In Australia, we’re already feeling the effects in our canary in the mine continent.

Climate change deniers have an agenda and they are vocal … they swamp the airways, social media and some newspapers. They post so-called scientific data that ‘proves humans don’t cause climate change, that it’s natural to the planet.’

Yes, the planet has gone through changes in climate for billions of years … but never so fast as in our human industrial era. The planet does not have time to keep up its own restoration. To counter the deniers and their sources, be informed about the facts of Climate Change.
Collated by Sheryl Gwyther, science nerd.

CLIMATE CHANGE IN AUSTRALIA … Lots of graphics and easy to understand info from the CSIRO, and the Australian government’s Department of Environment and Bureau of Meteorology … produced in 2015.

Note: In July 2016, the Liberal/National Party government sucked the Department of Environment into the Energy Department. (Yeah, I know, chalk and cheese.) So now it’s The Department of Environment and Energy. I’ll leave the reasoning why up to you.

CLIMATE PROJECTIONS … from the CSIRO. Modelling is an important scientific skill that shows the possibilities or expected future events.

Climate Kids NASA … great info from the US and relevant to all children. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE … Statement regarding Australian bushfires  Professor John Shine AC President, Australian Academy of Science.

Future Earth Australia

NASA: Climate and Global Warming

Australian Bureau of Meteorology Long-range weather and climate data

* The NASA graph above, based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution.
(Credit: Luthi, D., et al.. 2008; Etheridge, D.M., et al. 2010; Vostok ice core data/J.R. Petit et al.; NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record.)

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