1. Image credit: The Media and Climate Change Observatory, Colorado University … the Word cloud shows ‘frequency of words (4 letters or more) invoked in media coverage of climate change or global warming in Australian (left) and New Zealand (right) newspaper sources. Data are from five Australian sources – the Sydney Morning HeraldCourier Mail & Sunday MailThe AustralianDaily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph, and The Age – from three New Zealand sources – the New Zealand HeraldDominion Post, and The Press.
  2.  A pocket guide to climate change ... produced by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, journalist – Jacqueline Howard. Easy to understand with graphics and great articles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  3. Have you got climate zombies? We debunks the myths that refuse to dieVery readable article from ABC Science. Environment reporter, Nick Kilvert
  4. The Guardian news online article … ‘The Government has been forced to talk about climate change, so it’s taking a subtle – and sinister – approach’. … Economic Journalist – Greg Jericho
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    Protesters in Sydney hold up placards calling for climate action in response to the bushfires crisis. Scott Morrison has adopted the new go-to response of climate change deniers – the need to adapt and ‘improve resilience’. Photograph: Jenny Evans/Getty Images
    (Greg writes on economics for Guardian Australia and is the author of the celebrated Grogs Gamut blog. He is a former public servant and author of the book The Rise of the Fifth Estate: Social Media and Blogging in Australian Politics.)