Hi kids! My name is Hope

Hope the Koala image with border2 (1)

Are you ready to help make our planet a better place?

Then come join me and my bear-ly here friends (Euro, a brown bear from Europe … Nanook, a Polar bear from Alaska … and Su Lin, a Panda bear from China. You’ll meet them all soon too.) 

In February, let’s start by making this ‘green challenge‘ become a habit, and remind everyone around us to do so, too. Grown-ups can be so forgetful – they will love you helping them remember!!

So … here we go.

This month we put the lights out! Easy as crawling up a gum tree! Just switch off the lights or fans in rooms nobody is using.

This saves precious energy and decreases power plant emissions. To generate electricity most power plants burn coal, crude oil or fossil fuels. Not good, as it makes our planet sick in the long run.

Switching off lights is one easy way to help the environment. But don’t do it while Dad sits and reads in the toilet!

Get the big people in your home to download and print off this month’s GREEN CHALLENGE CHART on A4 paper. Plus save and print the Hope Koala stickers below.

Hope the Koala_Megaphone stickerWHAT TO DO …

  • Write on your GREEN CHALLENGE CHART this month’s challenge … TURN OFF LIGHTS.
  • Then tick off every time you do this OR any other Green Action during the week.
  • Colour, cut out and glue on a Hope, the Koala sticker at the end of each week
  • Do the same for the Spread the Word task. Use Hope and her megaphone sticker for your weekly reward.

I’d love to hear from you guys! How many lights will you switch off in February? How many friends will you tell about this green challenge‘? I hope they like being green too. 

If the big person in your life agrees, send us a photo of you holding your completed chart at the end of February. We’ll post your image on this site. cbc.climateaction@gmail.com

PS Ask Mum and Dad if they use STAND BY Energy Saving power controllers. Here’s some useful information from CHOICE MAGAZINE about how much money (and energy) they can save.   

A big hug from me, Hope
… and from my best friend, Katrin (who drew me in the tree.)


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